Inverter Generator Accessories

Along with the numerous generator makes and models available in todays marketplace there is also a plethora of accessories.

Parallel Kits

At some point you may find that your portable inverter generator does not have sufficient capacity to power a demanding load. Parallel kits provide a convenient way to increase load capacity by connecting, usually 2 of the same model, generators together. An alternative would be to buy a bigger generator. One plus to using two smaller generators in parallel for bigger loads is that you still take advantage of the portability of the smaller generators.

Two of the most popular parallel kits currently available for Honda EU series generators are the Reliance HPK2011 30 Amp parallel power kit for the EU2000i and the GenTran 50 AMP 6370C kit for the EU3000i generator. Both kits can easily be installed in under 10 min. Both kit's include built in circuit breakers for overload protection. The Reliance parallel kit also includes a built in analog watt meter.

Generator CoverGenerator Cover

Covers for generators come in all sizes, colors and material. Most manufacturers have covers available for their products and may even include a cover with a new purchase at no extra cost. Generator shelters, similar to a small outdoor storage bin, is another option that can be used to protect your generator from the elements.

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Generator Power Cord with L5-30P Plug and 3-OutletsGenerator Power Cord

A 30 amp generator power cord is a convenient way to distribute power directly from your inverter generator RV plug to multiple devices. One end of the cord plugs into the generator twist lock 30amp outlet and at the other end is a 3 way splitter with 15 amp standard outlets.

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Champion Power Equipment 73500i Parallel Power Kit for 73536iChampion Power Equipment 73500i Parallel Power Kit

For their 2000 Watt 73531i inverter generator, Champion Power Equipment provides a parallel power kit that combines the power of two of these units for 3600 watts total maximum output. The kit is outfitted with RV TT-30R and Twist lock 120V L5-30R receptacles. This kit mounts conveniently between stacked pairs of the Champion 2000 watt generators for a nicely integrated and flush look.

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Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box Reliance Controls PB30 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box 7,500 Watt

The rust-rust proof, rain-tight Reliance Controls 30 Amp power inlet box provides outdoor accessibility to indoor mounted Reliance Controls transfer switches or panels. It features a NEMA L14-30P connection and includes conveniently placed 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts for direct hardwiring to the panel or transfer switch. It is cUL1008 listed and can accommodate generators up to 7,500 watts.

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