Inverter Generator Load Chart

Sizing the right inverter generator for your needs can be determined by adding up the combined loads of all the devices you intend to power.


Review the listed wattage on the device as well as the startup wattage of any motor driven devices like refrigerators, air conditioners and pumps.

Choosing the correctly sized generator for your load not only helps to prevent damage to the generator and any connected devices, but can also save you fuel. The chart below provides approximate load information for common devices. The following formula voltage x amps can be used to determine watts.

Appliance Watts
Air Conditioner (Central) 2000-5000
Air Conditioner (Room) 1000
Blender 300
Blow Dryer 1000
Ceiling Fan 10-50
Clothes Dryer (Electric) 4000
Clothes Dryer (Gas) 300-400
Coffee Maker 800
Coffee Pot 200
Computer (laptop) 40-90
Computer (PC) 100-200
Computer (Printer) 100-400
Dishwasher 1200-1500
Freezer or Fridge 900-1200
Frying Pan 1200
Heater (Portable) 1500
Hot Plate 1200
Iron 1000
Microwave 600-1500
Popcorn popper 250
Satellite Dish 30
Sewer Lift Pump 2000
Sewing Machine 100
Sink waste disposal 450
Stereo 10-30
Toaster 800-1500
TV 500
Typewriter 80-200
Vacuum Cleaner 200-700
Waffle Iron 1200
Washing Machine 500
Water Heater 4500
Well Pump 250-2000

P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage MonitorFor a more accurate assessment of appliance efficiency and overall power consumption, consider the use of an electricity usage monitor. These devices are inexpensive and can help to cut costs as you discover which appliances and devices are consuming the most electricity. One of the most popular units available today is the P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor manufactured by P3 International. This unit not only calculates electrical usage but also helps to evaluate the quality of the power being provided to appliances. It can be used to test outlets and under voltage conditions or brownouts.

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